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One to Watch: “Cold Souls”

A “metaphysical comedy” about a man who wants his soul extracted but discovers it’s only the size of chickpea? Where souls are traded or stolen by soul drug mules? That stars Paul Giamatti, Emily Watson AND David Strathairn? 

Three words: Sign. Me. Up.


4 Responses

  1. This will be a rental for me, aside from his performance in the Illusionist, I can’t stand Giamatti 😦 But the trailer looks good.

    • I won’t say that it doesn’t hurt my heart to hear someone say “I can’t stand Paul Giamatti,” but I’m glad to hear you’ll consider watching the movie. The good thing is that if Giamatti doesn’t do it for you, David Strathairn’s in “Cold Souls,” too — he’s a great actor, and one that (aside from “Good Night, and Good Luck”) always plays smaller roles.

  2. Yeah, I want to see this one. Too bad it won’t be playing here in the Czech Republic. Oh well, that’s what torrents are for I suppose.

  3. Congratulations — you taught me something valuable. You have taught me what “torrents” are. I had to look it up. But now I know … and knowing is half the battle. (I thought I’d throw in a little “G.I. Joe” reference to make myself look less dumb.)

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