Blog love (Vol. 1)

Sometimes you have a great idea. But sometimes someone else has a great idea, and all you can do is applaud and stand, slack-jawed, in awe.

Such is the case with one Edward Boe, who has been stricken with the intense desire to see — and review — every one of the 1,001 movies listed in Stephen Scheider’s “1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.” ‘Tis a bold, time-consuming, gigantic undertaking. It might be a little crazy, too, but most great ideas are.

So mosey on over to 1001 Movies I Must Comment On Before I Die! to read, learn, enjoy and perhaps be inspired to try a cultural experiment of your own choosing. Inspiration is far too rare these days, if you ask me, and those who have flashes of it deserve support — and, of course, blog love.


One Response

  1. I love this idea. It’s totally inspiring. Sometimes all you need is a little motivation to get you to try watching films you may not have otherwise had in the back of your mind. Good luck, and I can’t wait to start reading your reviews.

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