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“Despicable Me” trailer out (in HD for the pixel snobs)

Can you say “dream cast”? Universal’s “Despicable Me” has one, alright, and it includes everyone from Jason Segel (Nick Andopolis!) to Julie Andrews to Russell Brand (the guy whose hair looks like mental illness!). Oh, and silly me — I forgot Steve Carell. Catch a glimpse of the trailer and join me in the long, long wait until July 9, 2010.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, this looks good! What a tease to wait that long for a movie.

  2. I know — “Shrek” upped the bar for animated movies, and now the ones that come out keep getting better and better. My only complaint: Production companies start releasing the trailers way too early. It’s a fine line between waiting six months and waiting a year!

    M. Carter at the Movies

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