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Join the cause to save the “Veronica Mars” movie

Just when we think she’s in, they yank her back out.

Months ago, buzz started that Rob Thomas was (seriously) considering making a feature-length film devoted to die-hart “Veronica Mars” fans left unsatisfied by the show’s unceremonious 2007 cancellation. Now there’s talk — from The WB, who evilly axed this great, great show — that there’s not enough fan interest to warrant a movie.

Oh, studio bigwigs, hell hath no fury like really, really zealous fans scorned!

So Kristen Bell, none other than Veronica Mars herself, is asking fans via Twitter to amp up the call for a movie to give us the finale we so rightly deserve to this smart, funny, wildly original and underappreciated TV show cancelled before its time.

So fans, log on to Warner Bros. Movies and go to “Feedback” to show just how very interested you are. Or write to: Warner Bros. Movies, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91522. If you find additional avenues to harangue (I mean, ahem, contact) WB, use them! Let’s all do our part to give “Veronica Mars” the sendoff it deserves.

Why? Well, I think we all know the world needs a blonde in a hamster ball.