The countdown begins: 44 days until the start of the Year of Brüno

If I had to pinpoint the very moment when my life went from “average” to “gloriously wonderful,” it would have to be the moment I logged onto MySpace (to delete my old account! I swear by Madonna’s 14 stolen — I mean adopted — children it’s true!) and discovered something most unexpected.

Bruno has a MySpace page. Or, to be more precise, a MeinSpace page.

I ask you: Could this summer rock any harder? With 44 days until Cohen’s latest movie hits theaters (and given the fact that “Terminator Salvation” was a kinda-sorta disappointment), I realize I’m tempting fate. But who cares? “Brazen Temptress” sounds better on a nametag than “Overeager Cohen Stalker.” (Also, the former would make a bitchin’ name for a new stripper perfume.)

So if you, like me, are bemoaning the long wait for Bruno’s arrival in the US & A, house-dance your way over to The music alone will make you party like it’s 1994 (the end of apartheid, naturally).


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