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The ultimate WTF?: A “Departed” tour of Boston exists!

About two months ago, all juiced up on the adrenaline of my impending trip to Beantown (May 5-13), I mentioned to my friend The Comedian that I’d be more than happy to e-mail him photos of the very place “The Departed” was filmed. (OK, yes, I was rubbing it in. Sue me. I’m a wannabe Roger Ebert, not Mother Teresa.) And yes, I’m fully aware that all sorts of world-changing historical events like the Tea Party and the Massachusetts Bay Colony and many, many Dropkick Murphys concerts I never got to see took place in Boston — I’ll be taking the historical tour, so stop thumbing your noses.

It’s just that, you know, I really, really want to see that elevator where Billy Costigan got capped.

But my friend, who’s nothing if not a prognosticator, remarked, “Well, I’m sure there’s some sort of ‘Departed’ tour you could take.”

Damned if he wasn’t right.

Apparently, the very fine folks at Boston Movie Tours added a “Departed” set to their tours after the movie was released. Though this significantly revises my travel plans, don’t think I won’t be there with bells on and camera battery charged and ready. Be prepared for pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

And don’t put it above me to find an apartment with a balcony and a stray wharf rat.


One Response

  1. I’m hella (I still use that) jealous. A “Departed” Tour pack me in your carry on. I expect a lot of pictures and don’t get the black death playing with that wharf rat.

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