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Globes to “Dark Knight”: “FYC”

In what can only be described as a move unparalleled in sheer stupidity, absurdity and complete, all-assuming lack of good taste (or anything resembling good taste), the Golden Globes have all but shut out “The Dark Knight” — perhaps the best superhero movie ever done — from taking home a few coveted gold statues.

Yes, this will go down in history as the ultimate “FYC” move. (Note: See Dave Chappelle’s brilliant Rick James skit to unravel exactly what “FYC” means.)

That’s correct, “TDK” fans: This summer’s dark, brooding smash hit got but one Globe nod (which, appropriately, went to Heath Ledger for his beyond-fantastic supporting actor turn as the Joker). No props to director Christopher Nolan for creating this dark masterpiece. No entry into the “Best Drama” category. No mention of the awe-inspiring cinematography or sweeping score.

I think I speak for everyone everywhere — inside my generation and out — when I say: “WTF?”

The reason for this snub is obvious: “The Dark Knight,” awesome as it is, is a a big-budget, action-packed thriller guaranteed to put butts in seats and hands in popcorn buckets. And Golden Globes and Oscars, as we all know, very rarely land in the hands of anyone involved in a summer popcorn movie.

But this is what makes this year’s H-U-G-E snub all the more infuriating: Yes, “The Dark Knight” is a blockbuster, but it’s also a chilling meditation on the nature of evil, chaos and hope, an intensely psychological character study and an ensemble drama studded with top-notch performances. Denying this work a chance at several well-deserved Golden Globes was like ripping the Oscar from Ellen Burstyn’s hands and plopping it in front of Julia Roberts (see earlier post). It’s craziness, pure and simple.

Sigh. Take a deep breath. Stop pounding fists on keyboard in sheer anguish.

<End rant.>

The Globes, however, did get a few things right: James Franco got a nod for his strong work as a child-like pot dealer in “Pineapple Express,” which entered itself into the stoner movie canon, and Tom Cruise got tapped for his cheerfully profane performance as a power-hungry, disgruntled Hollywood superagent in “Tropic Thunder.” Also nominated were Sean Penn (best actor, drama, “Milk”), Frank Langella (best actor, drama, “Frost/Nixon”) and Anne Hathaway (best actress, drama, “Rachel Getting Married”) — three movies I’m foaming at the mouth to see that don’t seem to be playing anywhere in upstate S.C. And I’m beyond stoked to see newcomer Rebecca Hall has been nominated for her comic-yet-vulnerable performance in Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.”

Still, as Alanis might say, it’s a jagged little pill (the worst kind) that “Dark Knight” got the shaft. And while I’m sure the actors would take the higher route and eschew criticism, I will do no such thing.

So, Golden Globers, I have two words for you: Suck it.

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