“Twilight” in 40 words or less

Remember my friend, the self-proclaimed comedian, the one who kept “The Departed” at arm’s length only to discover it was, in fact, one of the best gangster movies ever made? (Surely you have heard of him; he is *famous* now.)

Well, from time to time he manages to say more (and be funnier) in three sentences than I can in, say, 35. So when he served up this laconic little review of “Twilight,” I had no choice (no choice, I say!) but to post it here for all the world — OK, the most awesome and gracious readers of my little free blog — to see.

So here it is, A Comedian in My Own Mind’s 40-words-or-less review of “Twilight”:

“The dialogue was forced, everyone spoke in a whisper, the makeup was horrible and the girl was not that hot. But Edward — he was dreamy. I think I want to marry him now. Damn Proposition 8.” 

(I should add, though, that the bit about marrying Edward? It’s tongue-in-cheek, not serious. Sorry, fellows.)

Congratulations, Comedian. Your 15 minutes of fame just became 30.


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